Benefits of Starting a Startup Business compared to Conventional Business

Starting a startup business is much easier than starting a conventional business. This is thanks to technological advances and also regulations from the government which are now easier. Not only that, startup companies are now also the main attraction for entrepreneurs. Even though everything is easier, there are still many millennials who are still afraid to start and get involved in the startup business world. Most of them would rather work or open a conventional business with visible physical products. Here are some of the benefits of running a startup business according to Moneysmart.

Does Not Need A Location That Is Too Strategic
Benefits of Starting a Business Startup Compared to Conventional Business According to On Startups, startup companies or startups do not need a location that is too strategic, this is certainly very different from conventional businesses that require strategic locations. Because, the main capital of running a startup business is not location, but the Internet. By running a startup business, you no longer need to think of expensive office costs just for work.


Startup Business Has a Broader Market
The main capital of starting a startup business is the Internet and technology. This is what makes this business has no limits, both in terms of location and distance. So that, all your target markets, wherever they are, even in the whole world can see the products you sell. This is certainly different when you choose a conventional business that only relies on one location, so that the target market is more limited because of the geographical location that is not able to cover the entire region.


Capital that is relatively lower
Advantages of Starting a Business Startup Compared to Conventional Business By choosing a starup business, you do not need to spend capital on the cost of renting or spending physical goods, because you only have to spend capital on human resources that will help you develop the products you sell That way, there is no reason to not start a business just because of limited capital.

Startup Science Can Be Found Anywhere
Advantages of Starting a Startup Business Compared to Conventional Business There are now many entrepreneurs who are starting a startup business, starting from transportation, fintech, food, retail, and many more startups. This makes it easier for you to access all information and knowledge about the startup business. You can also join several communities that provide knowledge and share the experiences of startup entrepreneurs in building the business.


Helping Provide Solutions
Advantages of Starting a Business Startup Compared to Conventional Business By running a startup business, you not only get substantial profits, but also can help other people get a solution for each problem. For example, transportation startups such as Go-Jek and GRAB help others find easy transportation. Where, people no longer need to wait for transportation from their homes. Only by ordering through the application, the driver will pick up the passenger. In addition, you can also provide a new livelihood for the people of Indonesia.


Changing People’s Views of Trivia
Advantages of Starting a Business Startup Compared to Conventional Business Running a startup business means that you will be required to keep thinking creatively and make new innovations. It is through creativity and innovation that you can change small things that were not previously counted on by people, but become something that makes people depend on them. One concrete example is motorcycle taxi. Before Go-Jek and GRAB were present, this transportation was underestimated by some people. But today there are hundreds of thousands and even millions of Indonesians who depend on it.

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