Manufacturing Company Production Planning Strategy
Manufacturing companies can be easily found around us. The description of a manufacturing company does not mean seeing a large and large factory. However, it is enough to see the production process that it does, namely peh becomes a finished material that is ready for use by consumers. Manufacturing companies have a significant role in our lives. Because of the presence of manufacturing companies, we can use raw materials that were not used as finished goods which can be utilized. The production function in a manufacturing company is to make an item or service needed and in accordance with the needs of the community. Before going to the production process, a manufacturing company should have a production plan.

Production planning is very important to do so that the production function can be achieved properly. Planning carried out will prevent the company from producing goods with inappropriate times, inappropriate prices, and the number of goods that have advantages or disadvantages when finished producing.


Stages of Planning
Manufacturing Company Production Planning Strategy A manufacturing company can find out what quantities and types of goods will be produced based on current market needs data that can be obtained from the marketing department. The data that has been obtained from the marketing department can be informed to the production department so that the desired item can be made immediately. There are things that are closely related to the stages of production planning in manufacturing companies. Namely the type of goods to be produced, the number of items to be produced, and how to process goods. The following are the stages of production planning at a manufacturing company:

Initial stage. At this stage, a manufacturing company must determine the initial design of the product. The initial design is in the form of design specifications and requirements that must be met by a product that will be produced later.
Product design stages. At this stage, manufacturing companies can determine the design of a product. Namely in the form of an overview of the product such as shape, color, size, and others precisely.
Stages of making. At this stage. the company must determine the order of the process of making a product, the place to work right, and all kinds of equipment needed to produce the product.
The stages of manufacture, namely the company begins to produce the desired goods and further modifies. The process of making goods must be tailored to the design, have good quality, and available machine tools. In this stage of making, sometimes the desired results are slightly different from what was originally planned. But this is not a big problem if it does not deviate too far from what has been set at the beginning. The company can still modify the item little by little until it is achieved according to what it wants.

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